All things, physical and nonphysical, are made up of energy. Interestingly, sound vibrations of different frequencies can cause matter, including water, to resonate with the frequency imposed. Furthermore, since water is a key element in the world all organisms are composed mostly of water (from 80% to 99%). Japanese scientist Dr Masaru Emoto discovered how sounds affect water’s structure, and therefore how sound affects our own cells and body.  In the realm of sound therapy, vibrational frequencies are used as a medicine for healing the physical body and mind, as a powerful tool to help bring all things back into balance.

As said by philosopher Edgar Cayce, “Sound is the medicine of the future”. However, it has long been recognised by many ancient cultures that sound can alter consciousness to induce deeper states of meditation, affect the emotional, spiritual and physical conditions and help heal the mind and body. Modern research has shown that sound can entrain particular brainwave activity, change behavioural patterns, boost the immune system, improve sleep, reduce stress and release tension. Sound therapy can re-tune the body’s frequency returning the body’s vibrations to its natural state, as well as release emotional and energetic blockages to promote health, wellbeing and profound mental clarity. By using the power of sound frequencies and meditation, we can bridge the realms of the conscious and the subconscious mind.

Christian Dimarco is an internationally recognised musician, artist, producer and sound journey facilitator. Over the years he explored a myriad of musical instruments, flutes, didjeridu and overtone singing. Weaving together worldly sounds he then developed an experiential sound journey to help the listener enter deeper states of awareness, inner wisdom and empowerment to self healing. His philosophy is to inspire peace and love through his music, knowing that music traverses all languages and connects to anyone who listens with a gentle heart.

Forever evolving, Christian’s music ranges from ambient to tribal, through to meditation and dance. He’s ongoing releases include brainwave entrainment music, meditation, hybrid cinematic and tribal soundscapes. He is based in Melbourne and often travels to facilitate sound journeys, workshops, retreats, concerts, and share music at yoga events and lifestyle festivals. When not travelling he also runs events online, both on social media and private groups.

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